What is the full form of ODD and OCD? ODD And OCD full form & Meaning

ODD & OCD full form | what is ODD & OCD Full form -

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What is the full form of ODD & OCD - 

Friends, OCD full form " Obsessive Compulsive Disorder."

And, ODD full form" oppositional defiant disorder"

But mostly full form of OCD & ODD Name belong to Diabetes , Medical, Chemical and Other full forms.

Which means and full form both are different, So check ODD & OCD Full Form and Meaning from the table given below.

Other ODD full form and Meaning - 

Term Categoryfull form
ODDCricketOne day international match.
ODDlaptopOptical disc drive.
ODDwest indies
ODDPhysical educationoppositional defiant disorder.
ODDpsychologyOppositional defiant disorder.
ODDnew zealand
ODDComputerOptical Digital Disc / optical disc drive.
ODDMedicalOppositional defiant disorder
ODDBanking Operational due diligence.
ODDcinemaoptical disc drive.

Other OCD full form and Meaning -

Term Categoryfull form
OCDMedicalObsessive- Compulsive Disorder.
OCDCleaningObsessive Compulsive Disorder.
OCDPhysical educationObsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
OCDChatObsessive Compulsive Disorder.
OCDSlangObsessive Compulsive Disorder.
OCDBankingOther checkable deposits.
OCDTextingObsessive Compulsive Disorder.
OCDsymptomsObsessive Compulsive Disorder.
OCDAccountingOptionally Convertible Debenture.
OCDEngineeringOperational Concept description.

What is ODD & OCD ? What does ODD & OCD stands for - 

ODD long form and meaning of ODD " oppositional defiant disorder ".

OCD long form and meaning of OCD " Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. ".

There are many full forms and meanings of ODD & OCD on the internet.But here the ODD & OCD short meaning has been shared for you.

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Conclusion : ODD & OCD full form ? OCD & Odd stands for -

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