What is The Full form of AIT in English, AIT Stands for and Meaning

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What is the full form of AIT - 

AIT full form " Apply information and Technology" and AIT Stands for Apply information And Technology.But mostly full form of AIT Name belong to Medical, Physics and Other full forms.

Which means and full form both are different, So check AIT Full Form and Meaning from the table given below.

Other AIT full form and Meaning - 

Term  categoryfull form and meaning
AITMedicalAllergen immunotherapy
AITBiologyAllergen immunotherapy
AITEngineeringLead Satellite Assembly, Integration and Test
AITSoftware Apply information and Technology
AITaviationAutomated Information Transfer
AITAccountingAssociate in Information Technology
AITEngineerimgInformation and Communication Technologies Centre
AITGovermentAmerican Institute In Taiwan
AITMathematicsAlgorithmic Information Theory
AITJoB TitleAid In Training
AITSpanishInternational Workers Association
AITSpace ScienceAtomic International Time
AITOrganizationAlliance International De Tourism
AITSportsAzzurra Italian Tourney
Alliance International De Tourism
AITUniversityAichi Institute Of Technology

FAQS and full form meaning of AIT -

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Now comes the time that questions related to AIT are often asked on the Internet, so I have added FAQs in this paragraph so that you too can know the answers to those questions.

What is the full form of AIT in English-

The full form of AIT is "Apply information and Technology". And the meaning of AIT is different in different categories, so the meaning of all is mentioned above.

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Conclusion : AIT full form ? AIT stands for -

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