What Does RTC Stands for, Full form, Definition and meaning

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full form of RTC - "Real time Clock"

RTC Stands for Real Time Clock. This is a technology that is used by all to see the time. I mean to say that RTC (Real Time Clock) is such a clock.

Which is made from integrated circuit The integrated circuit in the clock measures the passage of time.

In today's time, whenever a person has to see the time, he uses RTC Clock.

 History of RTC Clock -

RTC was started in the year 1984 by International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).

IBM is a huge American computer manufacturer.

Older microcontroller systems that used built-in RTCs. And newer microcontroller systems used built-in integrated RTCs because RTCs were widely used for personal computers.

Other Meaning and full form of RTC - 

Term   CategoryFull form/ Meaning
RTC  BusRoad Transport Coperation
RTC  land Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information
RTC  DentalRoot canal treatment
RTC  MedicalResidential Treatment Center 
RTC  ComputerReal time clock
RTC  AgricultureRecord of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information
RTC  ArmyRecruit Training Command
 RTC  AgileRational Team concerts
RTC BankingResolution Trust Corporation
RTC  BooksReady to Context
RTC  BiologyReplication and transcription complex
RTC .chat Real time clock
RTC  cancerRadiotherapy with or without chemotherapy
RTC   ccmRational team concert
RTC  Revenue DepartmentRecord of Right Tendency and crops
RTC  policeReserve Training course
RTC .Real estate Real time clock
RTC  examVenture capital funds
RTC   front officeRelease to Customer
RTC  EducationResponsible Thinking Classroom

FAQS and full form meaning of RTC - 

So far in this article, you have come to know what is the meaning and appreciate of RTC, what is the full form of RTC and all the information related to it has been gone.

Now comes the time that questions related to RTC are often asked on the Internet, so I have added FAQs in this paragraph so that you too can know the answers to those questions.

What is the full form of RTC - 

The full form of RTC is "Real Time Clock". And the meaning of RTC is different in different categories, so the meaning of all is mentioned above.

RTC ka full form in hindi - 

Full form of RTC in Hindi is Real time clock and for more information, you can know full form of RTC in the table.

Conclusion :- RTC full form and meaning in English - 

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