What is the full form of KEO? What does Keo stand for & meaning

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What is the full form and meaning of Keo -Keo stands for

Keo full form in English is "Kaiser Electro-Optics" and the meaning of Keo is also "Kaiser Electro-Optics."
The full form of Keo is not in any one category, so know the full form meaning of Keo related to all categories below.

KEO Full Form & What is KEO -

The full form of KEO is Kinetic Energy Operator.
The full form of keo is Kuwait Engineering Office - International Consultant
The full form of keo is Kammerunion Elbe Oder. (Community)

The full form of keo is Kerbisynchronous Equatorial Orbit (Science & Acedemy)

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Definition of Keo (Keo full form)

The definition of keo in English is There is more than one, so it will not be correct to give its definition in any one category.

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