What is the full form of RTP in English? Meaning & Definition

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In this article, we will explain in detail the full form of RTP and all kinds of information related to RTP. If you want to get all kinds of information related to RTP, then definitely read this article completely. 

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What is the full form of RTP?

RTP stands for "real-time transport protocol."

RTP Full form in English

R : Real.

T : Time Transport.

P : Protocol.

There are many other meanings related to the full form of RTP, which is Ca, banking, finance, education, networking, GST, etc., which you can learn about in this article. If you want complete information about what RTP stands for, then definitely read further.

Other full forms in RTP:

RTP: "Real Time Transport Protocol"; Networking

RTP : Real Time Payment » Banking

RTP: real-time payment » Finance

RTP : Registered Teacher Programme Education:

RTP : Real-time Transport Protocol (Telecom)

RTP : Revision Test Paper  » Ca

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