What is CMD Full form in English? Meaning of CMD in Computer

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What is CMD Fulll form in English - 

The full form of CMD in Computer is Command Prompt. It is a special computer program that helps us to control our computer.  With its help, we can get anything done by giving command to our computer.

 Let us tell you that when we open the command prompt, we will see a simple black screen prompt in the computer in which we can enter commands.  And together you can copy these files, create folders, run programs as well as manage devices connected to the Internet.

How does CMD Computer Work - 

Command prompt is a program that is in our computer and we can use it to control the computer. When we open the command prompt, we see an art screen in which we can type commands.When we type a command and press enter, the computer understands that command and works on it.

In Command Prompt, we can type different commands like copying files, running folders, running programs, managing internet connected devices Etc.

 We can run the computer according to our orders by typing commands.

FAQ - 

How does CMD stand for - 

CMD Computer Stands for Command but it is called command prompt.

Use of CMD in Computer - 

Using Cmd, we can perform various tasks by giving commands on our computer like copying files, creating folders, running programs, checking internet connections and much more.

Last Word: What is CMD Full form and Meaning of Computer CMD - 

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