(2024) What is the first computer virus in the philippines?

What is the first computer virus in the Philippines (2024): Computer virus has become a big problem in today's time.  There are many popular virus and malware protection tools available in the market, which help protect the computer in free and paid plans.  The origins of these viruses are quite old, Do you know, What is the first computer virus in the Philippines? If you do not know about this interesting information, then I would recommend you to read this article completely.

So, you may be wondering "What is the first computer virus in the Philippines?" And to know which person had developed this virus. Let me tell you that the Internet is very big and interesting and dangerous viruses are seen here every day, but the story of the Philippines virus is something different, the name of this computer virus was "I Love You".

You must be laughing, but in reality, it is true. So, let's start this article to learn more facts.

What is the first computer virus in the philippines,How does the I LOVE YOU Virus Work?, Wikipedia and brain ly I love you Virus explain
What was the first computer virus in the Philippines 

What is the first computer virus in the Philippines?

The first computer virus was the "I Love You Virus" in the Philippines.  Which is also known as the "Love Letter Virus" or "Love Bug".  This virus came in the year 2000, specifically on May 4, and as soon as it arrived, the virus spread to all the computers in the Philippines.

This virus caused the problem of rapid spread among many computers.  Due to this people's computer systems started facing a lot of problems.

This virus was stopped before it could do much damage. Let us tell you, what made it challenging was that it could copy itself and move from one computer to another.  Like a disease that spreads from one person to another. Therefore, it did not stay in one place but kept affecting other devices.

How Did The Virus Start Spreading?

A computer programmer in the Philippines did something tricky to make the virus spread. He sent emails with the message "I love you" to many people's computers.  When people saw these emails on their computers, they thought it was like a love letter.  Everyone was unaware that it was a type of virus, so they opened it.

So, when they opened it, it caused problems with their computer. 

This is how the first computer virus in the Philippines started spreading – by tricking people into thinking it was a nice message, but it actually had a harmful virus inside.

Who Designed It?

According to Wikipedia, "What is the first computer virus in the Philippines" and "Who Designed It"

The answer is -

The "I Love You" virus was created by a Filipino computer programmer named Onel De Guzman. He made this virus with a specific goal in mind. He wanted to do two things:

Get Windows Passwords: Onel wanted to steal the passwords people use to access their Windows computers. This would allow him to control their computers.

Access Internet Accounts: He also wanted to get into people's internet accounts. This means he could use their internet without paying for it, especially in wealthier countries.

So, he created the "I Love You" virus to try to do these things, but it ended up causing a lot of problems instead.

How does the I LOVE YOU Virus Work?

What is the First Computer virus in the Philippines: There was a virus called ILOVEYOU, and it was hidden inside a file that looked like a harmless text file, but it was actually a program. This tricked people using Windows computers into thinking it was just a regular text file. When they opened this file, it made the virus start working.

This virus found the email addresses in the person's Outlook address book and sent the same deceptive message to all of their contacts. Then, it started to mess up and delete different types of files on their computer, like pictures and documents.

To do all of this, the virus changed some settings in the computer's control center (Windows Registry) to make sure it would start every time the computer turned on. It also replaced some of the person's files with copies of the virus. People who didn't have copies of their files saved somewhere else lost all their data because of this virus.

Damage and Impact of the I LOVE YOU Virus

There was a virus called "ILOVEYOU," and it spread really, really fast on computers. It was like when you catch a cold but for computers. It made big companies like Ford and Microsoft stop using their email because they got too many messages from this virus.

Lots of people used Windows computers back then, and this virus spread so fast because it tricked people into opening a "love letter" that came with it.

Even the place where the U.S. military works, called the Pentagon, was affected. This virus went into about 45 million people's computers and cost a lot of money, around $10 billion, to fix everything. 

What consequences did the computer programmer experience?

The computer programmer who made the "Computer Virus" had to deal with criticism, but he didn't face any legal punishment because the laws back then were not strict about cybercrimes.

It's surprising, but in the past, there weren't many rules for online security. Nowadays, things are more strict, and there are ways to protect against viruses and malware.

FAQ: What is the first computer virus in the Philippines? 

Which is The Most Popular Virus For Computers?

My Doom was a really famous computer virus, like a digital bug, that caused a lot of trouble. It ended up costing about 38 billion dollars because it messed up people's computers and businesses.

What is the first computer virus in the photo?

In February 2008, there was a computer problem called Mocmex.

What is the first computer virus?

A long time ago, in 1971, there was a computer thing called the Creeper program. It's one of the very first computer bugs. A man named Bob Thomas, who worked with computers, made it.

Which is the first mobile virus?

FakePlayer.a. was the first Mobile virus that made people's Android phones send messages to costly SIM numbers without them knowing. 

What is the full form of the virus?

The full form of the Virus is Vital Information Resources under Siege. 

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