What Does VCF Stands for, Full form, Definition and meaning

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full form of VCF - "Virtual Contact file"

VCF Stands for Virtual Contact File.
We know the virtual contact file as vCard. It is a file format. Stores all the contact numbers in our mobile.

vCard can be considered as a virtual business card which was initially developed in the year 1997 by the Versit Consortium.

VCard is called virtual business card because it is compatible with mobile and computer operating systems.

The way VCF file can be sent by attaching it to Email or Gmail, Sms.

What is the use of vCard?

Virtual Contact File (VCF), which is known to all card formats, but do you know, using this you can send all the contact lists of your mobile to any other mobile.

In the earlier times, to send the contact number to another mobile, everyone used to send the contact list on WhatsApp or one by one, but in today's time, using this, All contact lists can be sent using vCard.

Other Meaning and full form of VCF - 

Term   Category Full form/ Meaning
VCF Banking Venture capital funds
VCF Village Village Common forest
VCF Vmware VMware Cloud Foundation
VCF Medical Velocardiofacial syndrome
VCFContacts Virtual contact file
VCF Finance Venture capital funds
VCF American born
VCF Agile VMware cloud foundation
VCFGovernment Venture capital funds
VCFGoogle Virtual card fie
VCF GDPR General data protection regulations
VCF Hospital Vertebral Compression Fracture
VCF House Venture capital funds
VCF  Health
VCF Japan Value capture finance policy
VCF Jordan Village common forest
VCFLGBTQ Venture capital funds
VCF Jewellery Venture capital fund

FAQS and full form meaning of VCF - 

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What is the full form of VCF - 

The full form of VCF is "Virtual Contact file". And the meaning of VCf is different in different categories, so the meaning of all is mentioned above.

VCF ka full form in hindi - 

Full form of VCF in Hindi is Virtual Contact file and for more information, you can know full form of VCF in the table.

Conclusion :- VCF full form and meaning in English - 

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