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What is the full form of PMS in English -

PMS Full form " Portfolio Management Services " and PMS Stands for Portfolio Management Services in Finance

In this page , PMS can mean more than one category, so it becomes a bit difficult to tell the full form of pms in any one category, so to know the full form in all categories, go down a bit. 

what does PMS mean ? And full form in PMS - 

Friends, The Full form of PMS is " Portfolio Management Services " and full form & Meaning of PMS belong to Banking (Finance & Loan).

But mostly pms full form Name belong to Medical, Hotel, front office, share & Stock market and Other full forms.

Which means and full form both are different, So check Pms Full Form and Meaning from the table given below.

All full form of pms - 

TermFull formCategory
PmsBankingPortfolio Management Services
PmsfinancePortfolio Management Services
PmsStock marketPortfolio Management Services
PmsShare marketPortfolio Management Services
PmsMedicalPremenstrual syndrome
PmshotelHotel Property Management System
PmsEducationSamagra Shiksha
PmsNTPCPerformance Management System
PmshrPerformance Management System
PmsShipping Planned maintenance system
PmsBSFpara Medical Staff
PmsautomobilePeriodic Maintenance Service
PmsMedical billingMedical practice management software
PmsHotel managementproperty management system
PmsPeriodPremlenstrual syndrome
PmsMaintenanceplanned mai lntenance system
PmsAccountingPortfolio Management Services
PmsProject mangementproject management software
PmsBPOperformance management system
PmsinsuranceInsurance Policy Management System
PmsscholarshipPrime Minister's Scholarship

PMS Full form In Hindi Meaning - 

PMS ka Full form " पोर्टफोलियो प्रबंधन सेवाएं" होता है 

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