What is the full form of STI, Meaning and Definition

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What is the full form of STI in English -

STI Stands for - Sales Tax inspector in MPSCMPSC STI There is a type of exam by cracking which you can get the job of Sale Tax Inspector.

In this page , STI can mean more than one category, so it becomes a bit difficult to tell the full form of STI in any one category, so to know the full form in all categories, go down a bit. 

what does STI mean ? And full form in STI - 

Friends, STI full form " Sales Tax inspector " and full form of STI belong to MPSC Exam.

But mostly STI full form Name belong to future, Medical, Government, police, gpsc, Income tax, Education and Other full forms.

Which means and full form both are different, So check STI Full Form and Meaning from the table given below.

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All full form of STI - 

TermFull formCategory
STIMPSC ExamSales Tax inspector
STIMedicalSexually transmitted infections 
STIFuture Science Technology innovation
STIPoliceSales Tax inspector 
STIGPSCState Tax inspector 
STINational science dayScience Technology and Innovation 
STIincome taxSale Tax inspector 
TermFull formCategory
STIScienceScience Technology innovation
STIofficerSales Tax inspector
STIcollegeSystem Technologies institute 
GovernmentSeparate Taxable income
STIEducationSince Time Immemorial
STIMarathiविक्रीकर निरीक्षक 
STIGujaratiવેચાણ વેરો નિરીક્ષક 

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