What is the full form of VDO in Government (2024)

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What is the full form of VDO?

Friends, VDO full form " Village Development Officer " and full form of VDO belong to Government jobs like Panchayat, Rajasthan Etc.

But most VDO full form Names belong to Government Job and Other full forms.

What is a VDO Officer - 

VDO long form and meaning of VDO " Village Development Officer".

VDO, Village Development Officer is a very important post for the Development of the village, any kind of work in the village, all the work is under the supervision of the VDO.

So that the schemes taken out by the government should be brought to the village so that the development of the village can be done as soon as possible.

What is the Work of the VDO? 

Bringing upgrades in the education sector, Improving village roads, Making toilets in the village, and Bringing electricity to the village.

Apart from all this, many works of a Village Development Officer are done in the village.

What is the salary of a VDO?

Village Development Officer is a post appointed by the government. Salary is given between 5100- 20250 per month.

If any person wants to apply for the post of VDO Officer, then they can get information related to it from the official website.

Conclusion: VDO Full Form in Government in English -

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