Totally Killer Review 2023 : Film Summary

Hello, friends! Today we will talk about a new film "Totally Killer" which has come on Prime Video. This film is a mix of time travel horror and mystery, meaning all kinds of fun. Today we will understand the story of this film which talks about time travel, ghosts, and secrets.

Know Jamie: A Threesome Who Went Through Time -

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The heroine of our story (Totally Killer 2023) is Jamie, played beautifully by Kiernan Shipka. Jamie is an ordinary teenager who is enjoying with her friends on Halloween night. But there's a twist, her mother Pam (Julie Bowen) is always concerned about her safety. Because 35 years ago a terrible incident took place which is called Sweet Sixteen Killings.

 Time travel in 1987 -

Jamie is forced to time travel after a strange incident and discovers that she has been transported to 1987. In this strange world, she believes she has a chance to stop the Sweet Sixteen Killings and change history. Listen, this is amazing, isn't it?

World of strange times -

Some strange incidents happen during Jamie's time traveling journey. Imagine, a modern-day girl has to deal with the strange ways of the 80s era. Strange things like sexism and smoking happen here. These moments make us laugh and make us see how different the world was then.

The Search for Little Pam: A Plan to Solve the Mystery -

Totally Killer Review 2023: To solve the mystery and stop the killer, Jamie must find his teenage mother, Pam. Young Pam is played by Olivia Holt, who looks a lot like Julie Bowen. She understands comedy and complexity.

Lost in memories of a small world and school -

Totally Killer gives a chance to see a small world and memories of high school. It appears that people know each other well because they have grown up together. This gives more depth to our story. And this tells us that there is no need to be nostalgic about the memories of the 80s.

Identity of the murderer -

Apart from the comedy and time travel jokes in the film, the horror is a bit weak. The identity of the killer and his motive are not as exciting as that of Jamie, the last girl who survives the day and decade.

Conclusion - Totally Killer Review 2023

"Totally Killer" is a mix of different types of stories and offers a fun cinematic experience. Kiernan Shipka's fun acting, 80s nostalgia flavor, and comedy make this film worth watching. It's a fun ride that will make you laugh despite the mild horror. So if you want to watch a unique time travel story that combines comedy and mystery, then definitely watch Totally Killer on Prime Video. This is an adventure you will love!

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