What is the Full form of HTT? Meaning & Definition

In today article, I will learn about the full form of HTT in Simple Language. Do you know, what it means and what is HTT? All the necessary information is tried to be this article. Therefore, to get information related to the full form of HTT in Computer Network, read this article completely.

What is the full form of HTT?

The full form of HTT and its full name is Hypertext Transfer Protocol". The protocol helps exchange data between a server and a web browser.  So, that you can use safe and secure internet.

What is Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTT)?

HTT is a Transfer protocol that enables communication between our computers and the Internet.  When you search for any information on the internet like What is the first computer virus in the Philippines? And then when we visit any websites or send emails, HTT is used there.

In simple language, when you type the URL of a website or Keyword in your browser search Box, your browser asks for data from the website. This data can be images, text, video, or anything else.  HTTP transfers data between your computer and the website's server.

How does HTT work?

The way HTT works is very simple, friends. Let's take an undefined example. When you visit a website, your browser sends a request to the website's server. That server receives that request and then sends all the data from its website to your browser. All these things happen through HTTP.

HTTP can also be as secure as https which means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. In this, the data is locked so that no third party can steal your data. The role of HTTP is very important in the Internet.

Whenever you do anything on the Internet, data reaches you with the help of HTTP. So friends, now you must have understood what HTT full form is and how it works. This improves our online experience. If you need more information you can ask us!

FAQ : 

What is the Full form of HTT in Computer?

The Full form of HTT in Computer is Hyper-threading. It is also known as Hyper-Threading Technology.

What is HTT Stands for -

HTT Stands for Hyper Text Template.

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