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PPG full form | what is PPG Full form -

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What is the full form of PPG - 

Friends, PPG full form "Professional Practice goals ".

But mostly full form of PPG Name belong to Diabetes , Medical, Chemical and Other full forms.

Which means and full form both are different, So check PPG Full Form and Meaning from the table given below.

Other PPG full form and Meaning - 

Term Categoryfull form
PaintsPittsburgh plate Glass company.
PPGEducationProfessional practice goals.
PPGEngineeringPounds per gallon.
PPGAviationPowered paragliding.
Banking Public and publicly Guarantee external debt.
PPGchemicalPolypropylene Glycols.
PPGJTOJunior Technical officer.
PPGDiabetesPostprandial plasma glucose.
PPGHindi ( Education)पेशेवर अभ्यास लक्ष्य।

What is PPG Education ? What does PPG stands for - 

PPG long form and meaning of PPG " Professional Practice goals

There are many full forms and meanings of PPG on the internet.But here the PPG short meaning has been shared for you.

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